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Rashad Rucker-Trapp

Executive Director

Rashad Rucker- Trapp is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Reimagine LA Foundation. Rashad is a tireless public servant for Los Angeles. While in college he was served in the California State Assembly internship program under Former Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez. Venturing further in his activism in South Los Angeles, he became an active member on the Los Angeles City Youth Council under the City of Los Angeles Commission Children Youth and their Families. Becoming a youth representative for Council District 10, Rashad began working with local elected officials, making policy recommendations to the City Council and navigating City Hall. In February 2006, he was appointed to an open seat on the West Adams Neighborhood Council. After successfully winning in the community's local election in November 2006, Rashad would go on to serve an additional five years year on the board, serving 4 years as vice-president. During his tenure he had the opportunity to represent the diverse community of West Adams, taking bold and assertive action in addressing the concerns of the community. Rashad was successful in bringing solutions that brought improvements to the quality of life in the neighborhood. As a leader, he has spearheaded many community projects and community events, such as the upgrading of the local parks and high school computer labs as well as hosting community cleanups and neighborhood street fairs. Rashad would later be appointed by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti in 2019 to serve as Commissioner to the Commission for Community and Family Services.


Rashad Rucker-Trapp
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